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Saudi Arabia and Iran Battle It Out in Azerbaijan

Saudi Arabia and Iran Battle It Out in Azerbaijan-BY   JAMES M. DORSEY The bitter rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is going on a trip outside the Middle East. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. As Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of seeking to encircle the kingdom with its support for …

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South Azerbaijan Question in Evolution;Identity, Society, and Regional Security

South Azerbaijanis have historically been considered the country’s most loyal ethnolinguistic minority. Predominantly Shiite, with religion being the most important source of collective identity, Turkophone Azerbaijanis had until the 1920s provided numerous dynasties to the Persian thrones. The rise of nationalism in the 20th century gradually breached the image of South …

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South Azerbaijan  and other Ethnic Minorities Face Persecution, Sectarian Discrimination by Iranian Regime

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Oct 16 The non-Persian population like South Azerbaijan people in Iran geography has faced many problems that were accumulated even before the establishment of the Iran Islamic republic. The demands of the oppressed minorities surfaced immediately after the overthrow of the Shah regime in 1979. unfortunately, South Azerbaijan people witnessed …

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