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Ardabil: A meeting of South Azerbaijan National activists with Abbas Lisani

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, July 20 A group of South Azerbaijani activists in Ardabil city met with Mr. Abbas Lisani, the prominent Azerbaijani national activist. According to Gunaz Tv (the official media of South Azerbaijan), Mr. Abbas Lisani arrested on the eve of the Babak Castle ceremony by Iranian regime intelligence office and transferred to Tabriz Central Prison …

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Hamza Khanli Village of Ardabil Is in Danger of Being Destroyed

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Jan 31 The village of Hamza Khanli of Ardabil has fallen into ruin. The village’s population is reported to be less than 160 people. According to Gunaz Tv (the official media of South Azerbaijan) report, Hamza Khanli Germi village is being destroyed due to lack of living facilities and drinking water and …

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Mp: Armenia is Responsible for the Incidence of cancer in Ardabil

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Dec 11 Mr.Shakour Pourhossein the representative of Parsabad city  in parliament stated that Armenia is responsible for the Outbreak of cancer in South Azerbaijan- Ardabil City. He urged the Armenian authorities  to stop infiltration of the South Azerbaijan River (Araz). Mr. Shakour Pourhossein  called  Armenia to end the process …

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South Azerbaijan Question in Evolution;Identity, Society, and Regional Security

South Azerbaijanis have historically been considered the country’s most loyal ethnolinguistic minority. Predominantly Shiite, with religion being the most important source of collective identity, Turkophone Azerbaijanis had until the 1920s provided numerous dynasties to the Persian thrones. The rise of nationalism in the 20th century gradually breached the image of South …

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Southern Azerbaijan Filmmakers in International Platform

Baku, North Azerbaijan, Oct 10 The South Azerbaijan anima filmmakers have released three animations, four screenplays and one referee at the first Baku international animation festival in North Azerbaijan. The selection panel of the ANIMAFILM First Baku International Animation Festival announces the list of animated films and screenplays that will be …

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