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Search Results for: Lake Urmia

The latest NASA Image Shows Complete Drying of the lake Urmia

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Sep 28 The latest NASA image from the second largest salt lake “Urmia lake” shows that this lake is drying completely. These days, concerns about the destruction of Lake Urmia has become an international issue and an environmental crisis. Gary Lewis, the UN‘s representative in Iran, also expressed …

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Petition to Save Lake Urmia

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Feb 3 A group of southern Azerbaijan environmental activists created a campaign to “save the Urmia lake” The Signatures collected during  this campaign will be sent to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Lake Urmia, the largest lake in the Middle East and one of the unique ecosystems of the …

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Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Nov 2 The Tabnak site (an official website of Iran Regime) published a news, confessed that the Lake Urmia was deliberately dying by government which will cause huge numbers of immigration. The site stated that the people of the northwest residing in the territory of Azerbaijan will immigrate to …

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