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Turkey hosts largest refugee population in world

Ankara,Turkey,June 21 Turkey has the largest refugee population in the world, according to a two-year study conducted by the Turkish Parliament’s Refugee Subcommittee that operates under the Human Rights Committee. According to report of HDN , Turkey currently hosts approximately 4.3 million refugees. Of the millions taking refuge in Turkey, 3.4 million reside in the country …

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South Azerbaijan National Liberation Front (GAMAC) Releases a Statement for Supporting Olive Branch Operation of the Turkish Army

Southern Azerbaijan National Liberation Front (GAMAC) has released a Statement  in three languages: Turkish, English and Farsi for supporting Turkish Olive Branch Operations in Afrin-Syria. The statement also referred to the PKK’s terrorist policies and actions of Democratic Party of Kurdistan in West Azerbaijan and the alignment of the policies of the Iranian …

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Domestic unrest: Iran’s worst nightmare

Domestic unrest: Iran’s worst nightmare-By: Keyvan Salami The threats posed by Iran in the Middle East through its support for terrorism, extremism and Islamic fundamentalism are undeniable. Its continued backing of various militias has established for Tehran a so-called Shiite crescent across the region. Growing domestic unrest, especially after the …

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Azerbaijanis remain skeptical of Rouhani’s Tabriz visit

Azerbaijanis remain skeptical of Rouhani’s Tabriz visit- By:Farzin Farzad Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was in the city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, on May 20 to garner support for the nuclear negotiations, as a predominantly ethnic Azerbaijani crowd of 40,000 gathered in Takhti Stadium to watch Rouhani speak of national unity and express his …

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