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South Azerbaijan  and other Ethnic Minorities Face Persecution, Sectarian Discrimination by Iranian Regime

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Oct 16 The non-Persian population like South Azerbaijan people in Iran geography has faced many problems that were accumulated even before the establishment of the Iran Islamic republic. The demands of the oppressed minorities surfaced immediately after the overthrow of the Shah regime in 1979. unfortunately, South Azerbaijan people witnessed …

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East Turkestan: China’s Human Rights Abuses Against Uyghurs Ignored by Muslim World

China’s ongoing mistreatment of its Muslim Uyghur minority continues to escape the headlines, including in Muslim-majority nations. Although the forced assimilation campaign targets the Uyghurs’ culture and religion amongst other human rights violations, they have received no support from other Muslim populations; common critics of Islamophobia and abuses against Muslim …

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100 years pass since March genocide of Azerbaijanis

Baku, North Azerbaijan,  Mar 31 North Azerbaijan today marks the centenary of the March 1918 Genocide of Azerbaijanis. After the Republic of Azerbaijan regained its independence, it has become possible to renew the objective picture of the past history of Azerbaijani people, Trend reports. The truth, which for many years was …

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21 AZER – A MOMENTOUS POPULAR MOVEMENT IN SOUTH AZERBAIJAN- By:Akram Rahimli The 21 Azer* movement (the 12 December 1945 revolution) is seen as the culmination of the national-democratic movement in Southern Azerbaijan (Iran). The Mashruta revolution of the early 20th century (1905-1911) and the subsequent Khiyabani movement (1917-1920) were …

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