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North & South Azerbaijan Celebrate the Holiday of the Arrival of the Spring ” Novruz “

 Tabriz,South Azerbaijan, Mar 20

 The holiday of Novruz is celebrated in both South and North Azerbaijan on March 20.
Novruz is associated with the coming of the spring equinox and symbolizes the arrival of spring, which this year in Azerbaijan according to the Shamakhi observatory will come today 20:15 for North and 19:45 for South Azerbaijan.

In 2009 Novruz was included in the representative list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.

On February 23, 2010, at the initiative of Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan and several other countries, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the recognition of March 21 as International Novruz Day.

Note that the celebration of Novruz this year coincided with the last pre-holiday Tuesday in the framework of the holiday – Torpag chershembesi (Tuesday of the earth). Also, the last Tuesday before Novruz is called Akhir chersembesi means last Tuesday.

Celebrations in the framework of Novruz begin four days before the spring equinox – actually Novruz Bayram. Every festive Tuesday is dedicated to the elements of nature: it’s Tuesday water (Su chershembesi ), Tuesday of fire (od chershembesi ), Tuesday of the wind (yel  chershembesi ) and Tuesday of the earth (torpag chershembesi and finally  Akhir chersembesi means last Tuesday.

Each Tuesday is  a kind of rehearsal for the holiday in Azerbaijan.

According to popular belief, on the eve of  Akhir chersembe the earth awakens. It can already be sown. In Akhir chersembe, the land in orchards and gardens is preparing for sowing. In houses on the table put  sprouted wheat as a symbol of the awakening of nature.

On this day there is a custom to jump through the Tongal ( a fire).

In Akhir chersembe they set a festive table, prepare oriental sweets in the form of honcha, placing them on trays around burning candles, lit by the number of members of the family. In the center of the festive honcha put shamyani, and along its edges – colored eggs, nuts, almonds, sheker-borax and baklava.

In the evening on the eve of Akhir chersembe  everyone should be at his home.. The most popular form of fortune telling among the bachelors is eavesdropping under the door. Therefore, on the day of the last Tuesday, only good words are spoken.

On the day of Novruz throughout Azerbaijan, festive events are held, theatrical performances with the participation of Azerbaijani folk heroes of Novruz are held – these are the characters  Bahar Qızı (Spring Girl) and the elder Dada Gorgud.

People are having fun, on the Baku squares there are performances with the participation of rope-walkers.

So from March 20 to March 26 in the center of Baku – Icherisheher, and from March 20 to 21 in the State Historical and Ethnographic Reserve “Gala” within the framework of the festive program a series of events will be held.

Every day from 12:00 to evening residents and guests of the capital can visit the festive fire and get acquainted with the products of folk and applied art reflecting the history and culture of our country, souvenirs of Azerbaijani craftsmen, as well as samples of national Azerbaijani cuisine.

During the holiday, interesting entertaining events will be presented with the participation of illusionists, jugglers, artists, the main heroes of Novruz-Kosa and Kechala, concert programs and music of the peoples of the world.

Guests of the festival can take part in various competitions and quizzes, see performances of rope walkers and stars, buy souvenirs, special entertainment for children. No less interesting program is presented in the State Historical and Ethnographic Reserve “Gala” from 20 to 21 March. To get to the “Gala”, absolutely free of charge, it will be possible from Icherisheher: every hour from “Gosh Gala” the bus will leave.



In the days of Novruz celebration, the tradition is papaq atmaq (papaq atmaq) – the process of throwing caps. Children put hats in front of the door and its owners at home should be filled with cooked pastries, all kinds of sweets, nuts.


On Monday, traditionally, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva traditionally took part Icherisheher at the Maiden Tower in the festive events on the occasion of Novruz, the president lit a festive fire of spring.

 It should be noted that 13th day of New Year festival is named Sizdah bedar in South Azerbaijan .
Sizdah Bedar
Sizdah Bedar is a holiday and nature day in South Azerbaijan calendar. Some are believed in going to nature and have picnic to keep bad luck, associated with number 13, away. There is not any historical tale to prove it. This day is the last day of Novruz parties in South Azerbaiajn.

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