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21 AZER – A MOMENTOUS POPULAR MOVEMENT IN SOUTH AZERBAIJAN- By:Akram Rahimli The 21 Azer* movement (the 12 December 1945 revolution) is seen as the culmination of the national-democratic movement in Southern Azerbaijan (Iran). The Mashruta revolution of the early 20th century (1905-1911) and the subsequent Khiyabani movement (1917-1920) were …

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Why Trump’s Jerusalem move is triggering a chain reaction

Why Trump’s Jerusalem move is triggering a chain reaction-By :Monica Showalter There’s nothing like a little U.S. leadership.  President Trump’s announcement that he is moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is seeing a heartening chain reaction as other nations follow our lead.  Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu says he’s hearing from all …

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Publication of an Article Focused on South Azerbaijan in Japanese language by Dr. Karim Asghari

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Dec 2 An article based on South Azerbaijan region has been published  by two researchers from Japan Dr. Kissoke Vakizaka and South Azerbaijani researcher  Dr. Karim Asghari in Japanese language  at the Research Center of  “Kafkassam “ in Turkey. According to Gunaz Tv (the official media of South Azerbaijan),  Dr. Karim Asghari …

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Domestic unrest: Iran’s worst nightmare

Domestic unrest: Iran’s worst nightmare-By: Keyvan Salami The threats posed by Iran in the Middle East through its support for terrorism, extremism and Islamic fundamentalism are undeniable. Its continued backing of various militias has established for Tehran a so-called Shiite crescent across the region. Growing domestic unrest, especially after the …

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Azerbaijanis remain skeptical of Rouhani’s Tabriz visit

Azerbaijanis remain skeptical of Rouhani’s Tabriz visit- By:Farzin Farzad Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was in the city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, on May 20 to garner support for the nuclear negotiations, as a predominantly ethnic Azerbaijani crowd of 40,000 gathered in Takhti Stadium to watch Rouhani speak of national unity and express his …

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