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Erdoğan pays first foreign visit to North Azerbaijan

Ankara,Turkey,July 10  President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on July 10 travelled to North Azerbaijan, making his first foreign trip since being sworn in as Turkey’s first executive president with sweeping powers. In Baku, Erdoğan met with his Azerbaijani  counterpart İlham Aliyev while delegations from the two countries also gathered to discuss …

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100 years pass since March genocide of Azerbaijanis

Baku, North Azerbaijan,  Mar 31 North Azerbaijan today marks the centenary of the March 1918 Genocide of Azerbaijanis. After the Republic of Azerbaijan regained its independence, it has become possible to renew the objective picture of the past history of Azerbaijani people, Trend reports. The truth, which for many years was …

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Azerbaijan celebrates “Od chershenbesi” – Fire Festival

Baku, North Azerbaijan, March 13 The second of the last Tuesdays of the year is “Od chershenbesi“, which is popularly called “Üskü çərşənbə” means Fire Festival. “Od chershenbesi”  is associated with the worship of people to the Sun and Fire. In ancient times Azerbaijani people considered fire sacred, believed that it would …

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