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Protests and Demonstrations of People Continue in Different Cities of Iran

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Aug 5

Demonstrations to protest the cost of living, extortion, corruption, wages that gone unpaid, shortages in water and electricity in Iran have spread to Isfahan, in the center of the country, and many other cities in the sixth consecutive day.

Protest gatherings are taking place in Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Karaj, and Mashhad. In Isfahan, activists took to the streets against the cost of living and heavy electricity-water cuts.

The action started by bazaar shopkeepers and was also supported by truck drivers who have been on strike since last week.

On Friday, truck drivers in 30 states and 112 cities went on strike, yet no new information on this strike could be achieved.

The protests are mainly related to the economic situation and are accompanied by political slogans.

Employees at South Azerbaijan– Zenjan city organized a demonstration on Tuesday, asking to be paid. Employees say they have not received their pension guarantee for 12 months and they haven’t seen their wages for the past four months.

Railway workers started protests and strikes in many cities, especially Tabriz, Shahrud, Damkan, Semnan, Loresta, Andimushka and Eslamshahr city.

During this protest rally, slogans were held against the Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei.

According to Iranian regime official media, the Fars news agency, one person was killed during a Karaj protest and wrote that the citizen had been “shot dead by unknown people”.

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