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Exacerbation of Pressure on Well-Known South Azerbaijan Activist Abbas Lisani and His Family

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Aug 29 Exacerbation of pressure on Abbas Lisani and his family has increased by Iran intelligence service known as “Ettelaat”. According to GAMAC quoted from Gunaz Tv  (the official media of South Azerbaijan), Ardabil Public Administration Supervisory Authority has blocked all economic activity of Ali lisani (Attila), son of …

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Ardabil: A meeting of South Azerbaijan National activists with Abbas Lisani

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, July 20 A group of South Azerbaijani activists in Ardabil city met with Mr. Abbas Lisani, the prominent Azerbaijani national activist. According to Gunaz Tv (the official media of South Azerbaijan), Mr. Abbas Lisani arrested on the eve of the Babak Castle ceremony by Iranian regime intelligence office and transferred to Tabriz Central Prison …

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The Situation of some Babak Castle Detainees still Unknown

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, July 11 According to Gunaz Tv (the official media of South Azerbaijan), most of the detainees of the Babak Castle ceremony were released on Heavy bail. The status of 16 South Azerbaijani activists is still unclear. Abbas Lisani, Ibrahim Nouri, Jafar Rostami, Kiumars Islami, Sahand Maali, Abbas Nikrvan, Mortaza Yazdani, …

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