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Iraqi Turkmen Supports Turkish Operations in Afrin-Syria

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Jan 23

Iraq’s Turkmen community completely support Turkey’s military Operation with name of Olive Branch, which is currently underway in Syria’s northern Afrin district against PKK and PYD terrorist groups.

A member of the Iraqi Turkmen Front has declared that Iraq’s Turkmen community strongly support Turkey’s military operation on the positions of the PKK and PYD terrorist groups located in Afrin-Syria.

Mr. Aydin Maruf, a member of the Iraqi Turkmen front and lawmaker in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region give a reportage to Turkish local media and said: “We are well aware that this operation targets terrorist organizations in Afrin.”

According to Maruf, the same terrorist organizations also maintain a presence in Iraq, “from which they threaten to adversely affect the entire region”.

The lawmaker went on to urge Turkey to launch a similar operation against the same terrorist groups in Iraq.

The PYD/PKK terrorist group’s presence in [the Iraqi district of] Sinjar disturbs all of the region’s ethnic groups, he said.

Ali Mehdi, spokesman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front said:” Today, Turkey is carrying out a national resistance against the terrorists of the PKK and the PYD. The survival of the Turkish national resistance is important for regional security.”

He added that as a Iraq’s Turkmen Front, we fully support the military operation of the Olive Branch against terrorist groups in Afrin district. If necessary, we will serve as a soldier for  Turkey to destroy the terrorist.

It should be noted that the PYD/PKK has enjoyed a significant presence in Afrin since July 2012, when Syria’s Assad regime withdrew from the district without putting up a fight.


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