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Tabriz mayor meets Ankara mayor

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Sep 21

Following the official invitation of the mayor of Ankara, Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, went to the city of Ankara and met with him in an official meeting.
During the official meeting, while expressing his gratitude to the official invitation and hospitality of the Ankara mayor, Dr. Shahin Baher highlighted the religious and linguistic commonalities, as well as the relatively similar climate and cultural conditions of both cities and emphasized on the increase of communications at various levels and grounds.
Referring to the attitude and operational approach of the officials of East Azerbaijan on regenerating the marginal texture and solving the shortcomings of Tabriz metropolis in the plenty of urban sections, he later added that in order to take advantages of the experiences of both sides in urban and civilian areas, human resources, removing marginalization, traffic and green space, holding joint bilateral meetings would be so fruitful.

ShahinBaher while congratulating the achievements of the Ankara municipality on issues such as arranging marginalization  and solving traffic problems and developing green space, asked for conveying such experiences to the municipality of Tabriz.

During the meeting, due to the significance of “Tabriz 218” splendid event, holding Tabriz week in Ankara and vice versa, as well as diplomatic measures for inking sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Ankara were negotiated.
Mustafa Tuna, on his part, expressed his welcome for this meeting and called Tabriz as one of the historical cities of Iran and Middle East and conveyed his interest in attending Tabriz.
Pointing to the cultural issues in the urban marginal neighborhoods, he stated: “In the neighborhoods previously marginalized and nowadays demolished and built up to multi-story buildings, cultural breakdown and social anomalies are more seen “.
On the sidelines of this visit, the mayor of Tabriz and his accompanying delegation visited urban investment and reconstruction projects and got informed with the actions which have been taken by the municipality of Ankara and negotiated with Turkey’s capable and prominent companies to participate in urban projects of Tabriz.


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