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The Us Congress Recognizes the Azerbaijani Turkish Language in Iran

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Dec 18

The US Congress will report on the Transparency Law of the Islamic Republic’s leaders in three common languages in the geography of Iran, including the Azerbaijani Turkish language.

The US representatives house approved a plan on Wednesday (13th December). According to it, the treasury department should publish a list of assets of Iranian government leaders.

The plan was approved by a vote of 289 votes against 135 votes.

According to the decision of the US House of Representatives, the final report will be issued after the inquiry into the assets of the leaders of the Iranian government in four languages: English, Farsi, Arabic, and Azerbaijani Turkish language.

The Islamic Finance leaders’ transparency plan was approved by the US House on September 2016, but President Barack Obama vetoed it.

Despite the fact that about 35 million people and the dominant population in the geography of Iran are Azerbaijani Turks, the rule of Regime does not recognize the Azerbaijani Turkish language.

In other words, other than the Persian language, which is the language of minority in Iran, the language of other ethnic groups, including Arabs, Kurds, Baluchs, Turkmen, etc. not recognized by the Iran Regime.

The Us Congress Recognizes The Azerbaijani Turkish Language In Iran

The US representatives house will be determining the corruption and financial laundering of the Islamic republic leaders, which is  a  positive point in the recognition of non-Persian ethics in Iran.

For more information about The Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act click HERE .


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