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Discovering 400 Turkmen Corps in Kirkuk, Iraq

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Nov 12

Several mass graves  ”at least 400 bodies “have been discovered near Hawijah, the governor of Kirkuk  Mr. Rakan  Saiid  said on Saturday.

The Turkmen city of Hawijah was the headquarters of the ISIS terrorist group which Iraqi forces released  of its on early October. The governor of Kirkuk province said: “these mass graves were discovered at Al-Bakarah ‘s military base, three kilometers southwest of al-Hawijah and ISIL had a place to execute Turkmen people  in this area.”

He added:”At least 400 people have been executed in the area, Some of them were dressed in red dresses and others were wearing civilian clothes. “

Iraqi forces have discovered  dozens of civilian mass graves in Iraq’s various regions in their progressive victories against ISIL.

A Iraqi military official stated that government forces have discovered the mass graves of Al- Bakarah with the help of residents.

One resident of the area said: “During the three years that this area was under ISIL control, the ISIL took prisoners by car, then killed these prisoners and threw them or burned their corpses.”


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