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East Turkestan: China’s Human Rights Abuses Against Uyghurs Ignored by Muslim World

China’s ongoing mistreatment of its Muslim Uyghur minority continues to escape the headlines, including in Muslim-majority nations. Although the forced assimilation campaign targets the Uyghurs’ culture and religion amongst other human rights violations, they have received no support from other Muslim populations; common critics of Islamophobia and abuses against Muslim …

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North Azerbaijan to open trade center in China

Baku, North Azerbaijan,Jan 29 North Azerbaijani Economy Minister Shahin Mustafayev said: “Azerbaijan will open a trade center in the special economic zone in Shanghai, China, this year.” Trend news reported on Jan 29. He was addressing a conference on the fourth year of implementation of the State Program of Socio-Economic Development …

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China Bans Many Uighur Muslims From Ramadan Fast

  Some local governments and institutes have posted notices in China’s restive Xinjiang province banning students and civil servants from taking part in traditional fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Experts on the region say although the orders are not new, they run the risk of reinforcing recent tensions. …

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Trump’s loud tweet was part of a detailed strategy to squeeze Iran

WASHINGTON, U.S. July 24 It would be easy to write off President Donald Trump’s bellicose tweet threatening Iran Monday morning as a bit of “wag the dog,” a diversionary tactic to blunt criticism of his fawning treatment of Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, or from the news that his lawyer may possess embarrassing tapes with his voice. …

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These Are the Top 10 Risks to the World in 2018

Markets are soaring, but divisions are deepening among citizens of both developed and developing countries. Liberal democracy currently has less legitimacy than at any time since World War II, and the global order is unraveling. There has been plenty of turmoil in international politics over the past 20 years, but …

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South Azerbaijani Researcher has Placed on the List of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Dec 14 According to the latest  report of Iran Cultural Heritage Organization, Mr. Akbar Karimi’s cultural institution has placed on the list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage. The South Azerbaijani researcher’s cultural institution with the name of Treasure of the Phoenix (Treasure of the Gognus) has placed on the list of …

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