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Disclosure of Sexual Assault of Iran MP in Gunaz Tv -Video

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Nov 20 The Sexual Assault of  Salman Khodadadi  Iranian  MP  has revealed in Gunaz Tv (the official media of South Azerbaijan)  live program with the name of “165 minutes” on Monday 19th of  November 2018. Ms. Zahra Navidpour has released a document in two languages (Farsi &Turkish) describing how …

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The Flag of the South Azerbaijan National Movement in Tabriz –South Azerbaijan

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Nov 15 A group of South Azerbaijan national activists in Tabriz city has fluttered the flag of the South Azerbaijan National Movement in a different part of the city. The video and pictures shows the civil action of the South Azerbaijan National Movement activists.  According to GAMAC quoted from Gunaz Tv (the official media of South …

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South Azerbaijan Question in Evolution;Identity, Society, and Regional Security

South Azerbaijanis have historically been considered the country’s most loyal ethnolinguistic minority. Predominantly Shiite, with religion being the most important source of collective identity, Turkophone Azerbaijanis had until the 1920s provided numerous dynasties to the Persian thrones. The rise of nationalism in the 20th century gradually breached the image of South …

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Russia launches military drills in Armenia

 Baku, North Azerbaijan, July 23 Russia has launched tactical military exercises at its military base in Armenia on 23 July 2018. At the Russian military base in Armenia, soldiers and officers are alerted and relocated to the Kamhud and Alagyaz ranges for military drills, APA reported. The exercises involve more than 3,000 servicemen …

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