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Torture and Beating of South Azerbaijan National Activists

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Nov 5

According to GAMAC quoted from Gunaz Tv  (the official media of South Azerbaijan), Hakimeh Ahmadi and Nasim Sadeghi, two South Azerbaijani activists were arrested in late October 2018, and beaten, tortured by security forces known as “Ettelaat”.

Iran’s Ettelaat agents crush, two ribs and fingers of Hakimeh Ahmadi according to reports.

Ms. Hakimeh Ahmadi, a South Azerbaijani national civil an cultural activist who had been arrested by security forces, was transferred to the hospital after being hurt in the detention facility, including damage to her arms and fingers. Security forces have broken two ribs and fingers of this  South Azerbaijani civil a cultural during her interrogations, according to Mrs. Ahmadi’s spouse Gholam-Reza Gorbani.


Mr. Gholam-Reza Gorbani stated that security forces  “Ettelaat” officers stormed into our residence in Marand City, conducted an unlawful search, and arrested Mrs. Hakimeh Ahmadi. They terrorized our children at home. Officers also took 2 laptops, 3 mobile phones, and all Sim-Cards at home on October 18.

Mr. Gholam-Reza Gorbani  added that regime officers don’t allow me  to communicate with my wife. No information is provided on where she is being held and on her charges.  But according to one source, she was beaten by the agents of Ettelaat, her two ribs and her fingers were broken under torture.

It should be noted that Ettelaat agents are threatening Mr. Gholam-Reza Gorbani.

Also, Ms. Nasim Sadeghi, in her contact with her son, announced that she had been tortured while in custody.

 According to relatives of  Ms. Nasim Sadeghi, security officials have been beaten and threatened several times during her arrest. The Regime forces have threatened Ms. Sadeghi to cooperate and accept the charges, otherwise, they will also arrest her child and sister.


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