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Distortion and Exportation of Azerbaijan-Sarabi Dog with The Name of Iranian -Persian Dog

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Nov 11

In recent months some Iranian sites have been introduced  the Sarabi dogs, as a Persian dog, they plan to introduce this dog as one of the breeds of Iranian dogs.

These web site introduce the dog with the title of Persian dog, however, it belongs to South Azerbaijan region.


The Azerbaiajan- Sarabi Dog  breed is a mastiff type with a very big  head and giant with heavy bones. The broad muzzle is neither too long or too short. It has somewhat smaller dewlaps than some other giant mastiff breeds, but the upper lips do hang down. Eyes are almond shaped with a dark yellow color. The back is straight. The legs are heavy boned. The thick tail is long and sickle shaped. The Persian Sarabi Dog usually comes in shades of brown with a black mask and in a solid black color. Some white on the chest is acceptable. Coat has two types, short and medium.

The appearance of this dog is similar to the Kangal dog Turkey. Because of the close geographical location of these two races. The Azerbaijan- Sarabi Dogs’ fight is one of the recreational activities and traditional entertainment of people in some rural areas of South Azerbaijan .

It should be noted that South Azerbaijan , were recognized and known as the Pearl of the East of the World  by European tourists. However Today, because of the  Iran regime ‘s occupation, South  Azerbaijani people deprived of  its basic human rights, such as education in mother tongue. They do not even have the right to own property on their material, spiritual and historical values.

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