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A conversation with the Victim of Acid Attack in Tabriz/ Return My Face

Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, Apr 9

Masoumeh Jalilpour, a 26-year-old South Azerbaijani woman from Tabriz, is the newest victim of the acid attack in Tabriz.

At the beginning of the new year (1397), she refused to marry with her bridegroom, consequently faced with the acid attack by her bridegroom.

Since that day She has admitted to Tabriz Sina Hospital. She has not seen her face.

She always sees the nightmare of that day every night, said to state news agency.

Masoumeh says: “I demand  from the authorities to run the justice and return my face.”

She added that no one sympathizes with me. She also said:” I was thankful to God, how beautifully made me. Now, I can’t see my face, I never forgive him and I demand  that  Justice is fully implemented.”

It should be highlighted that her eyesight is so low due to the accident and the face, part of the neck, ear, chest, and waist of Masoumeh has been lost in the acid attack.

“Muhammad-N”  was the young man who wanted to marry with Masoumeh, after he heard that Masoumeh did not want to marry with him, first he cut her two fingers with his forearm and then sat on her chest and poured acid from close distance to her face. He is under interrogation and arrest.

According to Masoumeh’s brother, the hospital wants one million Tuman for every night and we are unable to pay this price. He added that we need urgent financial support to do plastic surgery and corneal transplantation of Masoumeh.

Southern Azerbaijan National Liberation Front (GAMAC) hope the  South Azerbaijani woman get well soon.


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