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Death to Khamenei: Anti-Government Protests Continue in Iran (Video)

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Dec 30

Anti-government protests continued in Iran for a second day on Friday as thousands took to the streets angry at price increases as well as money spent propping up Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and neighbor countries .

The protests continue in many Iranian cities. Thousands of people chanted slogans “Death to Khamenei” and “Death to the dictator.”

According to Gunaz Tv (the official media of South Azerbaijan) , thousands of people in various cities in Iran protested against poverty, inflation and corruption in Iran, and chanted “Khamenei” against the Iranian leader in the past days.

Here is the objections  video against Iran Regime:

“Death to the Dictator” in Tehran’s Revolution Square today:

Protests at the University of Tehran against oppression and dictatorship with the motto “Death to the dictator”:

Tehran, Revolution Square, the slogan “Seyed Ali, you have to go”:

“Death to Khamenei” on Friday,29th of Dec  in Isfahan City:

A woman cries in Kermanshah city and showed s protest against the Iranian government and shot slogan:   “Death to Khamenei”:


Demonstrations in Hamadan, “Khamenei is murder and he Velayat in invalid ” on Friday,29th of Dec  :

The security forces and the anti riot police of the Iran Regime are also attacking protesters with water sprinklers, batons and even tear gas.

The demonstrations first began with the motto ” No to high prices ” from Mashhad city and spread to other Iranian cities.

Many groups  in cyberspace have announced they will demonstrate in the upcoming days.

The atmosphere of large cities in Iran is extremely  under control of the regime and government officials have warned against holding any demonstration in the cities.

Injustice, cruelty, poverty, unemployment, high prices, embezzlement, and corruption have  paralyzed the situation of Iran, while Hassan Rouhani and Khamenei continue to defend the economic performance of the government.

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