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Turkish Students’ Protest to Language Assymiliation

Tabriz,South Azerbaijan,Feb 24

Coinciding with the “International Day of Mother language”, a number of South Azerbaijani students have opened  a “Mother tongue” placard to demand studying  in their native language.

A number of students from different universities of South Azerbaijan, including Tabriz, Zanjan and Tikan Tepeh (Tekab) have shown civil protest to the policies of racial discrimination and cultural assimilation and language of Regime against non-persian people especially Turk people  on Wednesday coincides with International Mother Language Day.

In this regard, more than 4,000 South Azerbaijani students have signed a letter to Iran president Mr. Hassan Rouhani for officialization of Azerbaijani-Turkish language in Iran .

Despite the passage of nearly 40 years, Iranian Regime  still does not recognize the basic rights of non-Persian nations.

In Iran, all ethnicities (except Persians) are deprived of their mother tongue. They have to read and write in Farsi.

Since the period of  Pahlavi in Iran  to the present day, the policy of eliminating of  the non-Persian nationalities’s language  has taken place.

It should be noted that  non-Persian nationalities, which make up more than 70% of Iran’s population, are deprived of any mother-tongue education right.


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